Solar Tunnels or Sky Tubes enlighten me!

Posted by admin on Jun 30, 2009

Solar Tunnels will one day maybe become standard in new homes, making use of the suns free energy to brighten dark and dim rooms.

Sun shining in from a dome on the roof beams down and bounces inside the shiny tube. Many Sun Tubes insidethe home just look like a normal standard light diffuser but the light looks more natural and is better on the eyes.

Solar Tunnels bring much needed light to dark rooms

Posted by admin on Jan 6, 2009

Solar tunnels/tubes are fixed to the roof and intergrated into the tiles. On the top it has a clear plasic dome or screen which allows light to flood into the opening.

The light then travels down  a highlt reflective tube/tunnel secured inside your loft space that leads to the rooms below.

The tunnels are ideal for dark hall ways or en-suites and are free to run as it only uses sunlight and no electric.